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Artepil Spa is well known as the best place for waxing. Why is this?

In Artepil Spa, after much research and testing, we found that the European Waxing Technique  is by far the best technique for hair removal for many reasons.

No skin irritation. The wax is applied warm, and upon cooling, it lifts from the skin microscopically and only adheres to the hair (as would an ice in a plastic container). Therefore when we remove the wax, the discomfort  is minimal and does not produce any irritation, marks, bruises or cuts in the skin, or an side effects as one might get with other techniques.
 It does decrease hair growth!  When using this technique, we do remove the entire hair from the root . This extraction causes a micro-trauma on the base of the hair follicle, which supplies blood to the hair follicle. So, by being less nourished, the hair grows smoothly and slowly. Practiced regularly, it attenuates and slows hair growth, allowing great results that last longer.  Epilation generally lasts a month. We strongly recommend our post-epilatory lotion that will further help the hair reduction. Ask for it at the front desk.
 Our wax is Natural. The wax is made from tree resin, which supports hydration and skin smoothness. It has exfoliating effects, removes dead cells leaving the skin smooth, velvety and soft.  Ideal for sensitive skin, although in case of severe varicose veins, consult a physician prior to any type of skin treatment.
The European Technique is completely hygienic. Prior to waxing the wax undergoes very high temperatures, which guarantees the application of the wax is in optimal sterilization conditions. Of course, for your comfort, the wax is cooled before it is applied to the skin.  The instrumentation used is disinfected. Our therapists use gloves for intimate hair removal, and provide a disposable bikini bottom. Although not required, you can purchase our special wooden stick or tweezers for your personal use.
Our process has been certified.  In 2006, we were the only company in Puerto Vallarta to receive the ISO 9000 certification, granted and endorsed by the International Institute  DNV, by which, through a period of one year of hard work, it certified and audited our internal processes.
The staff has been specialized in the European Waxing Technique. You can have complete confidence that the therapist that will perform your service has been specialized on this technique and it will be of the highest quality. We have been performing this professional service for 11 years and  have more than 9,000 active customers that are satisfied with the results. Furthermore, Artepil SPA is always looking for continuous improvement.
The atmosphere is totally relaxing. Many people are usually stressed about waxing, but when they receive our service, they are marveled at the relaxing experience of both the facial or body hair removal. This is our secret!
You can request a special Brazilian Design. If you are up for fun, request that your therapist performs a  Brazilian design that best describes your mood. Landing strip? Mohawk? Martini Glass?


To prevent ingrown hair, is widely recommended to exfoliate the skin with specialized products. Although for sensitive areas such as underarms and bikini area, we recommend the frequent use of Tendskin, which prevents and removes the ingrown hair. In less sensitive areas like legs and arms, it is recommended to exfoliate with a dry Pomania (ask for it at the front desk), minimum two days before your waxing.
 To feel even more comfortable. Hygiene is strongly recommended and asked for. In Artepil Spa you will find cleansing wipes in the restroom to use before and after intimate waxing.  We recommend arriving 5-10 minutes before your service to get ready and thus enjoy the full benefits of your relaxing hair removal service.  IMPORTANT NOTE: While menstruating, bikini waxing is not recommended.
 Special Care. As a suggestion for greater care of your skin, avoid sun exposure at least two days after your waxing, especially after a facial hair removal.  Avoid using deodorants that contain alcohol to prevent any irritation and if you are on medication please indicate this to your therapist.
 For people sensitive to pain. If your pain threshold is really low - that is, even with our very relaxing technique you feel discomfort while waxing, we recommend taking an aspirin (or similar) prior to your service, or use an oil free anesthetic cream a half an hour before your service.

 We are certain that you will love the relaxing experience of our European Hair Removal Technique.See you soon. The staff at Artepil Spa

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